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Attention:  All information provided on this page have been reviewed and approved by a California ethics attorney

​       Minor league players in all sports will be surprised to learn that they very likely qualify to receive as high a    

   level of workers’  compensation benefits as Major League players.  That is because, in particular State(s), the

   minimum weekly amount a worker must earn in order to qualify for the maximum level of money benefits is

   relatively low.  The minimum amount varies, depending on when a player retired but, even for a player who retired

   in 2015, it is low: $435.00 a week.  If a player retired  much earlier than in 2015, then the minimum is even lower. 

   For purposes of an illustration, let’s assume a minor league player in 2015 is earning only $350.00 a week. Could

   he qualify for maximum benefits - Very likely?

​   We have found it particularly gratifying to assist minor league players because the attorneys are often able to          obtain cash  Awards for them that exceed the total amount they made throughout their careers.  

The note on the bottom of this flyer is just part of the protocol we have to follow on our advertising - Please understand the attorney will not allow you to file a false or fraudulent case anyway.  
Note:  Making a false or fraudulent workers' compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.

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The 5% fee share assigned to you is to cover all costs and expenses you may incur in connection with efforts to establish YOUR entitlement

Disclaimer:We are here to provide you with expertise and guidance we have gained through experience and  research only - We are not here to provide legal services. 

All your legal matters will be provided by an attorney of your choice once you have decided to proceed forward. 

MINOR league PlayerS with any Kind of CA connections

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Surprise!  Minor league players can receive workers’ compensation benefits as high
as major league player making 20 million dollar

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​​For PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Awareness and let our spokespersons (Former players) speak to you regarding PTSD and the claim process - visit us at: www.mlbmilbretiredplayers.com

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                                        Is it too good to be true?  

      Costs nothing to find out and we believe you owe it to yourself to check it out!

       We work for the players and we charge a 5% contingent fee as your advocate and as counselors throughout the entire process -  IF THERE’S NO RECOVERY, THERE’S NO CHARGE” 

                             Here are the services provide by C.A.R.S. LLC 

  • We are not an attorney referral service and have no business relationship with any attorneys.  We help you to search for attorneys on the internet; or per client’s request only - we provide **a list of attorneys (Including a complete list of state bar-certified lawyer referral service agencies organized by county in California) who are familiar with this area of law. The attorneys will address Sports injuries / compensation for wear and tear due to injuries sustained during your professional career. Cash awards range from 10G-150G, plus future medical care, life pensions and more. (Tax-Free Benefits)  **The list of attorneys we provide you are no more than what you can find on the internet yourself - We search for them from the internet as part of the service for our clients. Our bottom line is to see that you are represented by the best - "The choice is ultimately yours."

  • We make sure you have a case filed in a timely manner since cases often fall through the cracks without proper guidance. The statute of limitations runs out in a year once you have become aware of the process through us.

  • We are here to address your concerns and frustrations throughout the entire process. Helping clients understand. We make sure clients are aware and remember the date of events - We keep track of the data the clients provide for us. Also by monitoring cases on EAMS (Electronic Adjudication management system) on a weekly basis. This includes who their attorneys are and what step should come next on their particular claim process.

  • We send clients a newsletter “Life beyond Sports” every 4 months to guide clients through the claim process.

  • Regardless what attorney you choose – Our service contract is binding.  The attorneys and our services are 2 separate entities.  We are not linked to them in anyway.

  • We are not attorneys – We are a player’s advocacy and consulting group who are here to provide expertise and guidance obtained through research and experience.

  • Attorneys’ contingent fees ranges from 15% to 18% and is court ordered.


We will get started as soon as we have received the signed service contract back to our office either by email  attachment, by fax or by US-mail.  Please feel free to call 971.269.4888  anytime should you have any questions.