We are a business designed to help former professional athletes become aware of sport injuries compensation for wear and tear and other sports related benefits such as NFL concussion litigation and class action suits filed by minor leaguers for being under paid by the major leagues etc.

Our company charges a 5% contingency fee to search for former players including the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, MiLB and WNBA. The 5% includes our business expenses such as labor and counseling services (Entails - see “What we do” & see “service and product line”) during the course of the recovery process. Normally this takes 18 months to 2 years but can take additional years. During those years there’s absolutely no charge until there is a recovery (Contingent fee).   5% recovery fee is often as low as $200.00 but in many cases it could be thousands, as it just depends upon the injuries and a case’s profile.

         For this reason we are unable to establish a "set fee" for individual cases, and can only charge by    

                       percentage.  We believe this is the only "fair" way to charge for our services.                                                                                   Please note: We forfeit compensation if you don't settle

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We locate former professional athletes through the sources from the Internet, call them if we have the correct phone number or send out a mailer and in hope their address is current.  We screen the former players on their eligibility according to public database guidelines before contacting them. Once we get in contact with these players either by cold calls or by mailers - They sign the 5% contract for our services as their advocates and counseling service.

Once they have chosen the appropriate attorney/law firm; they must call and retain the attorney/law firm on their own. Most importantly; Our service is to see that our clients have a case filed in a timely manner. After a case is filed we alert them on hearings and conferences dates scheduled with their cases. We can obtain this information through the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS) by simply entering their names and birthdays. At this point – They are in the hands of their counsels and we are advocating for them from the sidelines, keeping them up to date with the help of information provided by the EAMS and other database sources.

We are here to make sure they are pro-active on getting the proper paper work done with their attorneys.  Sometime cases just simply fall through the cracks without proper guidance. We work for these players and our main objective is to see them through the process as simply and as painless as possible. 


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The following note on this page is just part of the protocol we have to follow on our advertising - Please understand the attorney will not allow you to file a false or fraudulent case anyway.
Note: Making a false or fraudulent workers' compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.


​​History, Vision and Objective

Our history has been working with less active and less well known former professional athletes. Also by helping they understand their rights on filing various claims which they are eligible to file and this is still our vision today. We are currently focusing on helping the minor leaguers who had never been paid much during their professional career and had sustained injuries just as the major leaguers had.  The benefits from one of these claim(s) process can give them a helping hand on starting a new life. Remember a lot of them did not have any plans or the education to fall back on after the life with the sport they loved.   " It's our passion to help."  


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Attention:  All information provided on this page has been reviewed and approved by a California ethics attorney


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This is a much needed business to help former professional athletes of all genres of sport to understand their rights for filing sport injury compensation based upon wear and tear. The players normally have no idea about their potential eligibility because they are far from the spot light and the sports they once played.  It is our goal to find them and help them understand their rights.  These players are often financially stranded except a few exceptional cases where players have built themselves a successful life after sports.

We are blessed with the knowledge and the work ethic that allows us to help these players.  We love what we are doing and honestly would not trade this passion by doing anything else.


​                     This is truly, “A SECOND BASE FOR FORMER PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES”

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Recovery Services, LLC

Also see added page "PTSD" - Top right

​​For PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Awareness and let our spokespersons (Former players) speak to you regarding PTSD and the claim process - visit us at:


We review each client’s playing history to see which claim(s) might be available for individual players. We are not a legal service and do not offer a legal analysis of our clients’ potential claims.

We offer clients a list of attorneys to choose from and advise clients that they can choose any attorney they might find. We are not a referral service and have no business relationship with the attorneys selected by clients. The choice of attorney is the players – The list is based upon attorneys listed on the EAMS and other database sources. We just help to provide a few to choose from.

We track each clients’ case to make sure it is timely filed since cases often fall through the cracks without proper guidance. We guide our clients to be pro-active and check with their attorneys constantly and maintain a close relationship.

We are here to address concerns and frustrations throughout the entire process, helping clients understand the process. (See service and product line) 

We make sure clients are aware and remember the dates of events – We keep track of the data the clients provide for us, and also by monitoring cases on EAMS (Electronic Adjudication System) on a weekly basis - This includes information about who their attorneys are, contact information, and what steps should come next in their particular claim process.

We send clients a newsletter “Life beyond Sports” every 4 months to guide them with their claim process.

Clients are free to make their own arrangement with their attorneys. Regardless of what attorney they choose – Our service contract is binding and based upon the non-legal services we provide.