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Attention: All information provided on this page has been reviewed and approved by a California ethics attorney.

​Besides helping players with cash benefits available, Chi-ey Asset Advocacy Group is now joining force with Professional, College, HS Baseball players and Coaches in hope to help former players with jobs availability / opportunity - life after sports. Looking for a job as a sport broadcaster, a tryout for teams and more - Please visit this facebook page and join this group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/baseballplayersandcoaches/​

                          (New jobs opportunity posted daily on this facebook page)

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For the past 10 years we at Chi-ey Asset Recovery Services, LLC (C.A.R.S., LLC) – an advocacy group in the business of helping clients from all walks of life and all corners of the globe - has devoted our time and reputation to work with those whom fall within a group of former athletes entitled to an ever growing pool of benefits. Many of our clients are overwhelmed at the thought of being helped after years of enduring injury.  It’s our job, as an advocacy group and a consulting service, to help you become aware of these benefits which you are qualified to claim. Please understand we are a “for profit” organization and our main purpose is to find you, to work with you, inform you and guide you through different processes with expertise and experience.

Chi-ey Asset Recovery does extensive research to work with our clients in order to help them to receive those benefits to which they might be eligible. Our costs incurred during our search for beneficiaries and processing that and other information we have gained regarding individuals who may have suffered compensable sports-related injuries. We also provide you with the knowledge, expertise and connections through the process. Therefore, we encourage all who participate to remain pro-active by keeping in touch with our office so we may provide guidance needed to receive maximum benefits available.
Often there are monetary benefits available in which case a minor, 5% recovery charge is requested to offset our processing fees. Benefits often ranged from as low as $10,000.00 to as high as $150,000.00 depending upon what category one falls into and how much is sought. We do not charge a set fee for our services because there is no telling how much work we will need to do. Some of the benefits take as much as 3-4 years to mature. There’s a lot of work in our part as a founder, an advocate and a consultant.


  “NO RECOVERY- NO CHARGE”  as a founder, as an advocate and as a consultant

If you would like to proceed and receive further information concerning our findings please sign the service contract and return it by email attachment, by fax or by US-mail.  Because of the overwhelming volume of intake clients, we must limit contact to those who have signed contracts.  We apologize for this inconvenience however without a signed contract there is no database established and therefore locating you among the thousands of claims would be futile. And without a signed contract – We have no authority to proceed forward on your behalf. 

    Mixed Martial ARTs Fighters (Former) With any kind of California Connections             Benefits Available for injuries and wear and tear compensations ranges 30G-100G+


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Exciting additional service we are providing to benefit former players in all genres of sport - Job opportunities. 

The following note on this page is just part of the protocol we have to follow on our advertising - Please understand the attorney will not allow you to file a false or fraudulent case anyway.

Note: Making a false or fraudulent workers' compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.

​​For PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Awareness and let our spokespersons (Former players) speak to you regarding PTSD and the claim process - visit us at: www.mlbmilbretiredplayers.com

Please Note: These benefits apply to all former athletes and coaches, MLB, NHL, MLS, NFL,NBA, WNBA and all the minors - Includes but not limited to indoor soccer 

and all - As long as the players fit into the criteria. An injury is an injury- IT MAKES NO DIFFERENT IF YOU WERE A MAJOR OR MINORS PLAYER.

Also see added page "PTSD" - Top right

  * A PLAYERS OWNED COMPANY"   by offering Business opportunity

                                       within our own organization 

                      "AN INCENTIVE PROGRAM"  - PROFIT SHARING

                          Designed to help our clients (present and past) only.

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*See below


       C.A.R.S., LLC intends to act as an information clearinghouse, providing clients  

     with  information regarding cases that have settled or are in the legal system, so            those individuals and their attorneys might be better able to ascertain whether              pursuit of legal remedies is worth their while. 

     C.A.R.S., LLC would be acting in the position of an aggregator of news s
tories. As          such, it should not run afoul of California law.

     C.A.R.S., LLC is bound by law and ethics; we are your founder, advocate and      

     counselor - We are not attorneys nor an attorney referral service. 

"A players owed company"*  An Advocacy group and counseling sERVICE foR  retired Professional Athletes in all genre of sports

​BY LAW:  You have the right and you should choose your own attorney


​    Chi-ey Asset

Recovery Services, LLC

It’s our experience, knowledge and duty to warn you that there are  Runners and Cappers  out there for attorneys.  Such runners and cappers generally only take you to  ONE  particular attorney.  Such action is highly illegal and if proven guilty the attorney would lose his/her license, the runners and cappers could be fined and/or go to prison and the worst of it all – Your contract could be voided.  The immediate problem would posted up on you is – Limited your possibility to get the best qualified attorney to represent you. Usually the cappers and runners are people of your  PEERS and they paid by the attorneys. The former players (People of your peers) can give you a suggestion but they cannot be paid by the attorneys on doing so.  (For more information on “California attorney capping and runners”)

​      – Use Google search  (The runners and cappers would not give you the right and option because they generally work and paid by ONE attorney)